Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundis Ltd CEO, Slyvia Wangu. Winner of GSEA Awards

Co-sponsors GSEA Awards

In 2019, Tilisi sponsored Entrepreneur's Organisation's GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards), a competition aimed at encouraging, promoting and assisting budding student entrepreneurs. The Kenyan finals took place on the 16th of November 2019 and the Global GSEA Final's will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. We would like to Congratulate Sylvia Wambui CEO of Fundis Ltd for winning the GSEA Kenyan Final 2019. We are proud to have been part of this journey with GSEA and commend their effort to empower the next generation of student entrepreneurs to be the change makers in their community.

Gatimu Primary School

One of the ways of giving back to the community is by involving the little ones around us. At Tilisi, we recognise the need to support our children. This is why the month of August was dedicated to the children who live around Tilisi.

On 4th of August Tilisi embarked on a journey from Limuru to the animal orphanage at Nairobi National Park with the children of Gatimu Primary School. The purpose of the tour was to educate the children of our national heritage and the contribution that wildlife makes to our economy, culture and biodiversity. The children had a great time and got to see many of the animals at the animal orphanage

On the 6th of August Tilisi sponsored a Tilisi Fun day filled with children's activities such as bouncing castles, fun games and puppet shows for the students of Gatimu Nursery School. By the end of the day everyone had been to the bouncing castle and the slides and not even the cold weather wore anyone down.

Fundis Ltd CEO, Slyvia Wangu. Winner of GSEA Awards

Rironi pipes

Tilisi is proud to be a member of the Rironi community. As a good community member we upgraded the Rironi Water Project with Kshs. 5 million of investment including upgrading to 2.7 kilometres of HPDE pipes. The works also included fencing of the Rironi tank area within Tilisi and provision of access gate.